i Log data reporting tools

Versatile all in one portable data logging and reporting system tailored to your specific site data needs

What is i-Log?

The i-Log is a flexible data logging and reporting system that is gathering data directly from connected sensors or from a PLC, the i-Log is self-sufficient and manages its own database of information it also reports directly to an intuitive user dashboard.

How data logging and reporting could help me?

i-Log helps site engineers, maintenance managers, sustainability teams and R&D engineers across multiple industries.

It provides a customisable online visual reporting dashboard creating unique OEE and KPI tracking.

Facilitates maintenance, service checks and commissioning. It also could be used for intensive data analysis, data modelling and prediction purposes.

i-Log Features and Capabilities



We offer 4 packages with varied capabilities

1st Package

Basic Data Logging

2nd Package

Advanced data logging

3rd Package

Advanced data logging + cloud-enabled

4th Package

Package 3 + control capability


Each of the packages is offered with the additional:

Available to buy outright or to rent for a short or long-term no commitment basis for your project completion!

Our Support and Installation

Our engineers will ensure that your i-Log performs well on-site and will offer as much additional time as you choose to analyse your data so that it makes sense to you.

With a background in statistical analysis and six sigma, our team has a thorough understanding of many industrial processes and will get the best out of your data in order to help with process optimisation if needed.

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