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Our intuitive factory data software can help you get the most out of your i-Log.

What is i-Log?

The i-Log is a flexible and portable data logging and reporting system that is gathering data directly from connected sensors or from a PLC. The i-Log is self-sufficient and manages its own database of information it also does data reporting directly to an intuitive user dashboard. So why would your site have multiple data reporting tools when there is one solution for all of them?

How data logging and reporting could help?

i-Log helps site engineers, maintenance managers, sustainability teams and R&D engineers across multiple industries. It provides a customisable online visual reporting dashboard creating unique OEE and KPI tracking. Facilitates maintenance, service checks and commissioning. It also could be used for intensive data analysis, data modelling and prediction purposes.

i-Log Data Logger Technical

Portable i-Log can easily be fitted into an IP-rated panel for factory or any other industrial use.

1 – PC Database

5 – 4G WiFi Connectivity

2 – IO Connectivity

6 – Circuit Breaker

3 – Industrial Controller

7 – Power Supply

4 – Ethernet Switch

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i-Log Features

Versatile all-in-one portable data logger and data reporting system

Real time display alerts and notifications

i-Log notifies you in real-time when important data points are reached, so you can stay on top of your data and make informed decisions.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Compatible with Microsoft Teams, which makes it a great choice for users who want to work together on projects. With Microsoft Teams, you can easily share data and collaborate on tasks.

Portable IP rated suitcase of rugged IP68 Panel

Rugged, portable data logger with a built-in IP68 panel that can be easily transported and used in a factory or warehouse environment under harsh conditions.

Secure Data in case of Power Failure

Equipped with a powerful battery backup that ensures your data remains secure even in the event of a power failure. This ensures that you can continue to track your data even if the main power supply goes out.

Deployable and scalable: can be used across multiple lines

Its deployable and scalable architecture makes it perfect for businesses of all sizes, and its easy integration with other software means that it can be used in a variety of settings.

Data Science modelling capability

Not sure what data points to track next? Don't worry, i-Log's data science modelling capability can help you make predictions and optimize your operations. This powerful tool can help you understand your data and make informed decisions about how to best use it.

We have two different packages that offer varying capabilities

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  • Technical support provided for time period
  • Rent on a monthly basis without any commitment
  • Cloud-enabled data logging
  • Advanced control capability


  • Customisable components to meet customer needs
  • Guarantee and ongoing technical support
  • Cloud-enabled data logging
  • Advanced control capability

Each of the packages can be offered with an additional sensor bundle, I/O connectivity, and service level support options


Support and Installation

Our engineers will ensure that your i-Log performs well on-site and will offer as much additional time as you choose to analyse your data so that it makes sense to you.
With a background in statistical analysis and six sigma, our team has a thorough understanding of many industrial processes and will get the best out of your data in order to help with process optimisation if needed.


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