Factory Data Capture

We develop bespoke applications capable of running on any web browser or device which allows for the capture of factory process data. Our USP is to ensure that your data is managed by our expert 6 Sigma engineers to transform it into useful knowledge which can be used for prediction and optimisation.

Factory Data Capture App

Many of our clients run large production facilities operating heat transfer process equipment (Perry’s Chemical Engineers Handbook– see sections 11-21). Control parameters for the running of these equipment are key to achieving consistency of final product. It is very typical to find factories which do not manage the logging of this data properly. Data is present everywhere, whether it’s machine data or spreadsheet data and often gets lost which leads to downtime and lower production.

Our customers often provide us with feedback such as:

  • Loss of data and storage capability
  • Inability to compare different sets of data easily
  • Difficulty with interface and data entry
  • Computer or system platform incompatibility

We have developed a bespoke application capable of running on a web browser and any device, to allow capturing the customer’s factory process data.

We created a lightweight .NET application with a web engine designed in C#, and ASP core. The whole application saves data into an SQL Database which resides on the customer’s dataset server.

The flow of data entry is well structured to allow for capturing data in a way which is understandable by the machine users. The application interface can be opened from any web browser and provides greater flexibility to the customer. In addition, an SQL report can be created on the file for the customer to query data and drill into data to gain a better understanding of their root cause problem.

You may also be interested in our portable I-log data logging and reporting system.

See below an example of an app which was developed for a manufacturer of leather sheet utilizing large dryers. The solution was an app where all data related to the order / and production can be entered and recorded into one repository database.

Pc Screen View

Mobile Device View