Software Development

Bespoke IoT software tools programmed by our engineers for solving factory data capture problems, and helping customers with repetitive engineering tasks.

What We Do

We develop tools to enable accurate thermal profiling by calculating and reporting on variables to enable optimal production for our clients.

We design Software Tools to solve bespoke engineering problems and help customers to optimise their design through developing a tool which automates their engineering processes. For this particular tool, we typically programme user friendly excel-based front end. 

> Please see below an example of an engineering software tool which has been used by a manufacturer of insulation material.

We also focus on developing tools for building the next generation of paperless factories based on Industry 4.0 standards and IOT / IIOT. C# / .NET /.ASP  PLC languages are commonly used to develop such hardware & software tools.

> Please see below an example of a tool which has enabled a factory to become paperless and replace their day-to-day excel repository.

A Paperless Factory

We offer bespoke and state of the art logging and reporting systems which can connect to any existing PLC and capture data to a SQL database. From this we develop paperless data capture systems which record factory standard production forms.

In a manufacturing or production environment data is kept everywhere- books, notepads, spreadsheets, PLCs, databases, cloud, etc. Tracking data can be a minefield and data loss is more common than we think. Our service and design offerings are based on good and robust quality data. For our customers who are unable to data in a systematic way, comparison, decision making, finding solutions, developing strategy, building CAPEX and keeping track of changes becomes an impossible task.

Our mission is to generate tools for building the next generation of paperless factories.

We have created several apps for our customers to collect data related to production orders and machine settings. These apps can be accessed via a mobile device or any web platform. Data is uploaded to a central database and reports can be generated automatically.

Recently we have also created the i-Log all in one data logging and reporting traveling suitcase. A very versatile tool for grabbing any field sensor and PLC data. Find more here.

Our Case Studies

Thermal Software Design

A supplier of industrial insulation wanted to have a tool to predict and calculate the insulation thickness and type required to give the desired performance. Read on to see how Visual Basic was used to create a programme for our client.

Factory Data Capture

We have developed a bespoke application capable of running on the web browser of any device to allow for capturing of factory process data. Read below case study to see how we used this app for smarter data capture at a clients factory site.

Let's Talk About Your Project

François Pierrel

Hi, my name is François and I am passionate about solving process engineering problems. Over the years, I have developed a number of process equipment and control systems which have had significant impact into reducing energy usage, waste and impact on the environment. My business ethos is to always get to the root cause of problems and data analysis and modelling is always at the fore front of any project we undertake.

Please click here to view a sample of my past research projects.

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