Examination of Heat Transfer in Baking using a Thermal Performance Research Oven

Thermal Performance Research Oven

This publication is a book that I’ve written for my PhD thesis that is based on a research oven called a thermal performance research oven (TPRO).

This specific oven was built over a six-year programme with the objective of replicating a long travelling oven, which is most commonly known for baking, but to replicate it on a smaller size so that we could do much smaller trials at a lower cost with less labour.

The result of the research is a powerful tool for the baking industry with lots of instrumentation and recordings, so that we are able to mimic a profile that has the existing current travelling oven, measuring over 100 meters long, for example, to a small batch oven.

This was successfully used to develop lots of different baking products from various different customers all around the world and is still used to this day, as a powerful tool to develop and also optimise the baking process and reduce energy in the baking industry.

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