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What is i-Log data logger?

The i-Log is a versatile and mobile data logging and reporting system that is designed to gather data directly from connected sensors and from a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

The i-Log is self-sufficient and manages its own database of information, allowing for efficient and accurate data management. Additionally, the i-Log features a user-friendly dashboard that provides real-time data reporting, making it easy for users to access and interpret the data. This eliminates the need for multiple data reporting tools, as the i-Log serves as a one-stop solution for all data logging and reporting needs.

Overall, the i-Log data logger is a powerful tool that streamlines data management, providing accurate and actionable insights in real-time.

How data logging and reporting could help?

Data logging and reporting are essential tools for many industries, and the i-Log data logger is an ideal solution for businesses looking to improve their data management practices.

The i-Log data logger helps site engineers, maintenance managers, sustainability teams, and R&D engineers across multiple industries. It provides a customizable online visual reporting dashboard that allows for unique Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking. This allows businesses to easily monitor the performance of their equipment, identify potential issues, and take action to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

The i-Log data logger also facilitates maintenance, service checks, and commissioning, which can help ensure that equipment is running at optimal performance levels. Additionally, the i-Log data logger can be used for intensive data analysis, data modeling, and prediction purposes. This allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their data and make more informed decisions.

i-Log Data Logger Technical

Portable i-Log can easily be fitted into an IP-rated panel for factory or any other industrial use.

1 – PC Database

5 – 4G WiFi Connectivity

2 – IO Connectivity

6 – Circuit Breaker

3 – Industrial Controller

7 – Power Supply

4 – Ethernet Switch

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i-Log Features

A flexible and portable data logging and reporting solution that encompasses all necessary features

Instant notifications for critical data points

The i-Log keeps you updated in real-time on important data points, enabling you to take immediate action and make informed decisions.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

The i-Log is fully compatible with Microsoft Teams, making it a great option for team-based projects. Teams integration allows easy sharing of data and streamlined collaboration on tasks.

A portable and durable data logger in an IP68 rated suitcase

The i-Log is a rugged and portable data logger that comes in an IP68 rated suitcase, it can withstand harsh factory or warehouse environments, it can easily be transported and used in those conditions.

Data protection during power outages

The i-Logis equipped with a reliable battery backup that keeps your data safe in case of power failure, so you can continue monitoring your data even when the primary power source is unavailable.

Deployable and scalable: can be used across multiple lines

The i-Log's adaptable and scalable architecture makes it ideal for businesses of all sizes and easy integration with other software means it can be deployed in a variety of settings. It can be used across multiple lines and operations.

Powerful data modeling functionality

Want to optimize your operations but not sure what data points to track? The i-Log's data modeling capability can assist you to predict and optimize your operations. This powerful tool can help you comprehend your data and make well-informed decisions on how to utilize it effectively.

We offer two distinct packages that provide a range of features

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  • Technical support provided for time period
  • Rent on a monthly basis without any commitment
  • Cloud-enabled data logging
  • Advanced control capability


  • Customisable components to meet customer needs
  • Guarantee and ongoing technical support
  • Cloud-enabled data logging
  • Advanced control capability

Both packages are available with supplementary sensor bundle, I/O connectivity, and service level support options.

Support and Installation

We provide comprehensive installation and setup services, which includes configuring the i-Log to your specific requirements and testing to ensure proper functioning. Once the i-Log data logger is installed, our team will provide training to ensure that you and your team are fully proficient in using the system.

In addition to installation support, we also offer ongoing technical support to ensure that your i-Log data logger is always running smoothly. Our team is available to assist with troubleshooting, maintenance, and software updates.


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