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Audit, Analysis, Research and Development.

Audit & Analysis

This service is split into 3 core areas. (i) Process Evaluation, (ii) Energy Audit, and (iii) Feasibility and Viability Studies.

Process Evaluation

Process Evaluation: The focus of this task is to capture plant or process data either from existing infrastructure or creating new ones. This data will be analysed in-depth with particular focus on performance, efficiency and is highlighting areas of potential improvement.

Energy Audit

Energy Audit: We create comprehensive heat and mass balances, with detailed Process Flow Diagrams for evaluation of existing equipment or processes. Onsite energy audits are tailored to evaluate process efficiency, map heating networks and capture heat losses from entire processes.

Feasibility and Viability Studies

Feasibility and Viability Studies: The aim of such a study is to analyse the technical feasibility of design changes or complete new onsite processes from existing or future plants. The second part of this study evaluates the financial aspect of a new process and looks at capital, operational costs and ROI for the process. These independent studies are ideal for evaluating future CAPEX selection and providing evidence for project sign-off.

Heat Exchanger summary for Lines 1, 2 and 3 combined exhaust @ 55°C

Design 15000 kg/h water @ 50 C
Design 27000 kg/h water @ 50 C
Design 39000 kg/h water @ 50 C
Design 411000 kg/h water @ 50 C
Design 513000 kg/h water @ 50 C

Recovery to water at 50°C gives a good across heat exchanger -> optimal heat recovery to capital cost

Design 1Design 2Design 3Design 4Design 5
Heat Load TotalkW157220283346408
Heat Exchange Price££55,000£53,000£56,000£68,000£81,000
Gas Savings£/yr£25,000£34,000£44,000£54,000£64,000

Optimal solution -> generating hot water at circa 9000 kg/h

Recovering 280 kW waste heat from exhaust gas on Lines 1, 2 and 3 Driers

Design 1Design 2Design 3Design 4Design 5
Tubes per bundle96939914484
Tube rows deep33344
Tube length (m)44444
Tube passes129899
Bundles in parallel11112
Bays in parallel11111
Area, required (m2)364.1515.4697.6921.41196.3
Area, actual (m2)697675.2718.81045.51219.7
Area ratio (Actual/Reqd.) (*)1.911.311.031.131.02
Pressure drop, outside (Pa)182191173197150
Dp ratio outside (*)0.910.950.860.980.75
Pressure drop, tube side (bar)0.107020.092040.108480.100890.10326
Dp ratio tubeside (*)0.970.830.980.920.94
Xflow flow rate (kg/h)137162137162137162137162137162
Temperature out - tube side (C)5050505050
Temperature out - outside (C)51.0249.4447.8546.3144.87
Heat load total (kW)157.1219.9282.7345.6408.4

Research and Development Service

EnerTherm Engineering uses the state of the art laboratory situated at the Allia Future Business centre in Peterborough to propose a unique R&D service for companies who do not have the facility to do so or do not have adequate resource. We operate with strict confidentiality agreement. We offer a wide range of services, from rapid prototyping utilising CAE and 3D printing facilities, to complete Virtual Reality immersion which allows the customer to see, touch, and move as if they were in the real world. Our first de-hydrator Factory Acceptance Test was ran virtually. Design optimisation can be done through this service and visualising, touching the final designed product can be achieved in a very quick turnaround.

This is how we conceive new product…

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François Pierrel

Hi, my name is François and I am passionate about solving process engineering problems. Over the years, I have developed a number of process equipment and control systems which have had significant impact into reducing energy usage, waste and impact on the environment. My business ethos is to always get to the root cause of problems and data analysis and modelling is always at the fore front of any project we undertake.

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