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Industrial Dehydrator
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What is an industrial dehydrator?

A dehydrator is a device that dries food by passing air over it at a controlled temperature. This speeds up the process of dehydration, which is the removal of water from food. Dehydrators are often used to dry fruit, vegetables, and meat. They can also be used to dry herbs and spices.

How can our dehydrator help your business?

At EnerTherm Engineering we design bespoke industrial dehydrators, which can be used to control the processing conditions to ensure consistent product quality.

Whatever product you wish to dry, we can provide a food drying machine solution to match your exact requirements.

This is how we do it:

Once the design will be finalised, we will invite you to carry out a ‘Virtual’ Factory Acceptance Test (‘V’FAT). 

Utilising virtual reality you will have a full tour in and around the CAD drawing of the newly designed Dehydrator installation. During this, you can highlight any adjustments or changes you want to see done before installation begins. 

Just by doing this, we can avoid unnecessary expenses and adjustments after installation.

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Support and Installation

Our engineers will ensure that your dehydrator installation performs well on-site and will offer as much additional time as you choose to analyse your data so that it makes sense to you.

With a background in statistical analysis and 6 sigma, our team has a thorough understanding of many industrial processes and will get the best out of your data in order to help with process optimisation if needed.


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