Design and Problem Solving via CFD

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Design And Problem Solving Via CFD Case Study


Computational fluid dynamic CFD is part of a broader range of software tools which is encompassed by Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools. Whether it is to evaluate and optimize a new design or find fault and troubleshoot an existing design, CFD aims to better understand and reduce the number of costly design iterations and optimize flow and heat transfer problems.

Our customer builds small-size incinerators for cremation and incineration purposes. Hospitals require these for disposing of biohazard waste materials. This waste must undergo a heat treatment of 1200-1600 degrees Celsius to ensure no contaminants are released into the atmosphere. A 3D model of our customer’s medical incinerator was generated and used for modelling heat transfer and airflow.Design and Problem Solving via CFD


The aim of this model was to demonstrate both uniform heat and flow distribution around the hearth where the waste is laid.


The heat and flow distribution within the combustion chamber are critical to ensure waste is completely burnt…

sheets types and protective coatings. All d had been stored in a spreadsheet which caused issues with tracking changes and resulted in a significant loss of data…

Another aspect of the simulation was to study the airflow movement and potential vortex formation where ash could be collecting and cause blockage in the long run. Insulation materials were also modelled with their correct thermal properties and this also allowed for to evaluation of external surface temperature and potential hot spots.

The temperature of the hearth was evenly distributed which showed that the bio hazard waste would burn and be incinerated evenly. The residence time under the required temperature was adequate confirming the requirement of the afterburner chamber.


Both steelwork and insulating materials were modelled with their thermal properties and heat distribution and heat losses were evaluated through the casing. No hot spots were shown.


EnerTherm Engineering has demonstrated that the medical incinerator was both fit for purpose and efficient for processing medical waste and both safe to operate with low surface temperature.

The medical incinerator has currently been sold to hospitals and health organizations tackling the spread of certain diseases.

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Francois Pierrel
Hi, my name is François and I am passionate about solving process engineering problems. Over the years, I have developed a number of process equipment and control systems which have had a significant impact on reducing energy usage, waste and impact on the environment. My business ethos is to always get to the root cause of problems and data analysis and modelling are always at the forefront of any project we undertake.

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