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Computer Aided Engineering - CAE Simulation

Combined with good knowledge of Heat and mass balance, CAE (CFD Computer Fluid Dynamic / DEM Discrete Element Modelling) can help us to understand the root cause of failure within the process industry. It is also a powerful tool to help with optimising an existing design. 

The advance in Multiphysics modelling allows to drastically reduce the number of design iterations and save a great deal of time when it comes to troubleshooting a site problem or optimising an existing or new design. 

Process performance optimisation using CAE is a service which has grown tremendously as it has been proven to significantly save time to resolve site-wide issues such as heat transfer, fluid flow, equipment sizing, energy efficiency and more.

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Design Problem Solving Via CFD​

Our customer builds incinerators for cremation and disposal of bio-hazard waste materials. A 3D model was created to prove that the product was fit for its purpose.

Design and problem solving using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) enabled us to model airflow and heat flux for the client.


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