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EnerTherm Engineering has embraced industrial internet of things (IIoT) and manufacturing IoT solutions to help our customers to better understand the applications and benefits of IIoT solutions, enabling them to build powerful knowledge from their machine data.

We help our customers build Industrial software and IoT tools to achieve a wide range of benefits, including increased efficiency, improved safety and productivity. Our industrial software and i-Log (a portable logging device) let us connect devices together to automate various processes seamlessly. This has led to increased production levels and improved equipment performance.

By collecting data from sensors and communicating with other devices, we have been able to reduce product unit costs and rejects. Our software applications have created more efficient workflows by reducing data loss, which in turn has reduced the amount of labour and repetitive tasks needed to complete a task.

We provide a variety of industrial IoT solutions, where machine and sensor data are at the heart of the operation with a view to focus on process optimisation and energy reduction. Industrial IoT applications built by our engineers can help you understand the true benefits for your factory and decide which types of IIoT applications will bring the best ROI.


Thermal Insulation Software

Insulation Software Design

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A supplier of industrial insulation wanted to have a tool to predict and calculate the insulation thickness and type required to give the desired performance (temperature and heat loss) and rapidly produce quotations based on sound knowledge.

An easy-to-use excel (VBA) spreadsheet was created to allow entering process data as well as geometry. Comparative studies between different multi-layered materials can be created and easy comparative charts produced to choose the optimum combination of material and thicknesses.

Factory Data Logging And Reporting Application​

Factory Data logging and reporting application

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This customer operating in the leather industry came to us to establish a way of capturing effectively machine setting data in one data repository. They were saving data in spreadsheets and in engineering notebooks and struggled to manage multiple formats and often lost precious data.

We have developed an application capable of running on the web browser of any device to allow capturing machines and processing data in real-time.

Data were entered and stored on the company’s server. With data stored safely and backed up regularly, the company was able to rapidly run audits on production trials and generate production reports to senior management.



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