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Design of Experiments - (DOE)

Design of Experiments – (DOE) is a statistical method for running an optimum number of experiments and elaborating on data models that allow forecasting between cause and effect. Experiments can be used to optimise a machine design with a view to maximising or minimising a parameter.

We provide scientific consulting services in the fields of equipment design and production processes. We help our clients to set up and analyse experiments, as well as build predictive models.

Design of Experiments - (DOE)

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Optimisation of Lidded Bread Single and Multiple Zone Optimisation

Design Of Experiments

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We conducted a series of design experiments in order to optimise the quality of lidded bread (tin bread). Criteria such as the number of cells within the structure, the sidewall of the bread slice, moisture loss as well as the colour of the crumb and crust were used as KPI.

Single zone, as well as a three-zone baking profile, were designed with DOE to minimise the number of baking experiments whilst producing an accurate predictive model of the baking profile based on oven set-points.

These models were used to optimise one or several attributes of the lidded bread for customers with varied KPI requirements.


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