Design of Experiments

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Design of Experiments - (DOE)

We provide this service in both the design of equipment and production processes to our clients and help them in both the set-up and analysis of experiment and predictive model build-up.

Design of Experiments – (DOE) is a statistical method for running an optimum number of experiments and elaborating on data models that allow forecasting between cause and effect. Experiments can be used to optimise a machine design with a view to maximising or minimising a parameter. DOE can also be used to optimise a response variable by changing several process variables.

Design of Experiment DOE
Industrial Application

Design of Experiments

We conducted a series of design experiments with various profiles to evaluate the best way of optimising key KPIs for the baking industry. This included the number of cells within the structure, the sidewall of the bread as well as the colour of the crumb and crust. We evaluated each profile to optimise the key product KPI taking into account energy usage and weight losses.

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