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Without the right information, it can be difficult to make an investment decision when it comes to Capex. Our company specializes in providing comprehensive services that can help improve a manufacturing process. 

We cover the following industry sectors:  

The feasibility study will evaluate the capital and running costs of potential design options. Following this, a concept design solution is scrutinized extremely carefully to find one that meets the client’s financial budget and growth plan. 

Feasibility Study

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Process Integration And Pinch Analysis

Feasibility Studies

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Pinch analysis is a method for optimising and maximising heat recovery systems across industrial processes and therefore minimising energy consumption.  

The aim of the analysis is to evaluate the financial aspects of a new process design and look at the capital, operational costs, and return on investment (ROI).  

This case study analyses the technical feasibility of design changes on both existing factories and completely new sites.  

These independent studies are ideal for evaluating future CAPEX selection and providing evidence for project sign-off. 

Thermal Coating For Pentane Tank– Oil And Gas

Thermal Coating for Pentane tank– Oil Gas 2

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The consultants at EnerTherm Engineering investigated the potential of using a liquid thermal insulation coating to replace the existing aerogel blanket.

The computational fluid model was utilised to simulate the whole pentane sphere and taking into consideration variables such as ambient temperature and relative humidity but also wind speed and solar radiation.

Evaluation of surface dew point, as well as heat loss, demonstrated no loss of performance compared to aerogel based blanket.



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