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Thermal Performance

At EnerTherm Engineering, our advanced thermal design solutions allow us to design research and development prototypes where thermal performance and thermal efficiency are at the heart of the project plan.

EnerTherm Engineering has often been involved in designing such systems where the challenge is finding the optimum tradeoff between the highest thermal performance and the best thermal efficiency.

The TPRO (Thermal Performance Research Oven) is an example of an R&D machine which achieved the highest performance and optimum thermal efficiency.

Advanced Thermal Design and Performance

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Examination of Heat Transfer in Baking using a Thermal Performance Research Oven

Examination of Heat Transfer in Baking using a Thermal Performance Research Oven

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The result of this research is a powerful tool for the baking industry with a large number of instrumentation and bespoke complex control system to achieve the best performance efficiency trade-off, instrumentation and recordings.

Single zone, as well as a three-zone baking profile, were designed with DOE to minimise the number of baking experiments whilst producing an accurate predictive model of the baking profile based on oven set-points.

These models were used to optimise one or several attributes of the lidded bread for customers with varied KPI requirements.


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