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Industrial Process Modelling

Industrial process modelling is a means of understanding how a particular process works. It can be used to generate knowledge about the process and to improve its efficiency. 

The data-driven process modelling methodology provides a way to make predictions based on the site data. Site data can be a valuable resource for manufacturing companies. However, they often do not use it effectively or only in a limited way. They often do not utilise the meaning of the data, making business decisions less reliable. Despite the fact that data can be extremely valuable, businesses often do not use it to its fullest potential, making decisions less reliable. 

The purpose of this service is to build reliable data models that can be used to make sound decisions.

Industrial Process Modelling

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Precious Metal Incinerator

Process Modelling - Precious Metal Incinerator

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A high-end jewellery manufacturer required a new design for a batch incinerator to recover gold particles in the ash content of the waste material being incinerated.

Our team were tasked to design the entire plant and focus on reducing intensive airflow during the combustion process to avoid excessive dust emissions.

Through complex fluid simulation, the batch incinerator was designed to minimise the gold particles being released in the ductwork and impregnate the insulation materials.


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