Engineering Design

Our engineers have years of experience, and with our thermal design, process equipment, and CAE simulation capabilities we can help you create effective solutions for your business

Industrial engineering professionals need to be familiar with a variety of industrial process equipment and tools in order to improve the efficiency and productivity of our clients.

EnerTherm Engineering design typically includes the following four main areas of focus: process design, equipment design, system analysis, and optimisation.

Process design - involves us creating a plan for how a specific industrial process should be carried out.

Equipment design - involves our engineers selecting the most effective and efficient pieces of equipment for your industry's particular processes.

System analysis - the process we use to identify and correct deficiencies in the overall system.

Optimisation - the ongoing process used to find ways to improve efficiency and productivity within an industrial process or system.

Our industrial engineers understand how important heat and mass balance is. As it is one of the key components in the manufacturing process, it is necessary for the efficient operation of industrial machinery. At EnerTherm Engineering we know how to efficiently transfer heat energy from one object to another, and how mass can be moved around in an industrial setting. This knowledge is essential in designing industrial equipment that will operate successfully in a complex manufacturing environment.

Thermal design is another important aspect to highlight in industrial engineering design. It is the process of estimating the amount of heat that will be generated by a particular industrial process. This information then is used by our engineers to create a thermal plan that will ensure that the machine operates within safe limits. We also carry out thermal planning that also helps to optimise the manufacturing process by ensuring that materials are used in the most efficient way possible.

Process equipment is another important component of industrial engineering. Our engineers also design and optimise process equipment that is used to carry out specific industrial processes. This equipment includes but is not limited to pumps, heat exchangers, and turbines that are used to transfer energy and mass around an industrial setting. The design of process equipment is essential for ensuring that the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

The most common tool used in industrial engineering design is the CAE software package. EnerTherm engineers use CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software which is a powerful tool that allows engineers to create realistic models of various industrial processes. By using CAE simulation, we then can better understand how various components interact with each other. This information then can be used to design improved process equipment or carry out modifications to existing machines.


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