Products We’ve Developed

EnerTherm Engineering has a wealth of experience in designing machinery in the process industry. We have designed, process heaters, ovens, dryers, de-hydrator, heat exchanger, condensers.


i-Log The i-Log is a flexible data logging and reporting system to help site engineers, maintenance managers, sustainability teams and R&D engineers across multiple industries. It provides a customisable online visual reporting dashboard creating unique OEE and KPI tracking. A very versatile all in one data-logging and reporting system with several package options to tailor … Continue reading "i-Log"


Dehydrator A dehydrator is a thermal processing unit which removes moisture from products processed at a low temperature. It enables the nutrient content of fresh food to be maintained in order to preserve the flavour, quality and vitamin composition of the final product. It also maximizes shelf-life post-production. EnerTherm Engineering were approached by Inspiral Visionary … Continue reading "Dehydrator"

Indirect Heat Exchanger

Indirect Heat Exchanger Indirect Heat Exchangers are thermal process units which transfer heat from an industrial burner into air that's used to heat a product during baking. Working 24/7 to produce baked goods, these heat exchangers are under heavy thermal stresses which often leads to failure. The baking industry have many types of baking ovens … Continue reading "Indirect Heat Exchanger"

Industrial Incinerator

Industrial Incinerator The incineration process of solid waste typically consists of two phases (i) primary combustion and self-ignition of waste product (ii) secondary combustion of primary combustion waste gases. Residence time and temperatures are key parameters to ensure safe limit of emissions produced. Incineration is a multi-billion-dollar business from processing bio-medical and laboratory waste, process … Continue reading "Industrial Incinerator"

Thermal Insulation Software

Thermal Insulation Software In the design of thermal processes, multi-layer insulation systems are key to reducing thermal losses and potential safe touch hazards. Our team has designed a simple excel-based software which predicts and calculates the insulation thickness and type required to give the desired performance. Thermal Wizard Software As part of our suite of … Continue reading "Thermal Insulation Software"

Factory Data Capture

Factory Data Capture We develop bespoke applications capable of running on any web browser or device which allows for the capture of factory process data. Our USP is to ensure that your data is managed by our expert 6 Sigma engineers to transform it into useful knowledge which can be used for prediction and optimisation. … Continue reading "Factory Data Capture"