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Pinch Analysis Service

Pinch Analysis Service

Pinch Analysis Service utilizes a unique approach to energy auditing by analyzing an entire plant to find the most cost-effective combination of heat recovery units to achieve a balance between capital investment and operating costs. This includes conducting an energy audit for each piece of equipment and analyzing the potential for energy recovery between each piece.

Pinch Analysis Service

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Maximizing Energy Efficiency and ROI for Your Business with Customized Solutions

Our service aims to help businesses maximize their return on investment and identify opportunities for energy conservation. We gather data, analyze it, and create process models to assess various potential outcomes for your plant using Heat Exchanger Network (HEN). Based on this analysis, we propose an optimized energy efficiency package tailored to your operations that will maximize energy savings and reduce running costs.

Our team of electrical, software and mechanical engineers work together to ensure that the integrated solution meets its objectives and performs as intended. We can provide a full cost breakdown and itemization for the chosen solution, and can also handle the installation process. By installing our energy efficiency packages, your business can not only save money on energy costs but also reduce its carbon footprint and become more sustainable.


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