Equipment Optimisation

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Advanced Modelling and Equipment Optimisation

Over the past 15 years, designing heat transfer equipment has been the core of what we have been focusing on. Our expertise allows for Advanced Modelling and Equipment Optimisation by providing unique Equipment Optimization Services. We specialise in the optimisation of equipment such as incinerators, ovens, dryers, coolers, combustion and heat recovery and filtration systems. Whether it is troubleshooting an existing problem which has been discovered on site or trying to improve the efficiency of this equipment, our services and engineering team can help.
Industrial Application

Oven Equipment Optimisation

Equipment optimisation was used to test and develop the concept of baking comfort zones. The idea behind the paper was to try and better understand how we can optimise the baking process of cake products, whilst also liaising with the main heat fluxes which arise in the thermal processes and how this affects KPIs. For example in ovens and dryers.

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