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Heat And Mass Balance

Designing equipment or troubleshooting existing site issues is often related to the basic fundamentals of heat and mass balance. Our service offers mass and energy balance analysis for your plant. This service can be applied to a unit machine or an entire plant with several units and machines.

Our method allows us to better understand the interaction between pressure, temperature, flows, and concentrations of each stream in the process plant. Heat and Mass Balance calculations are very powerful tools which can be used to optimise the size of equipment or find the optimum flow rate to achieve maximum efficiency.

We have carried out such analysis in varied industries such as chemical, food, mineral, waste and recycling plant. Simplification of heat and mass balance to simplistic Process Flow Diagram is useful to size equipment for instance.

Heat and Mass Balance

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Heat And Mass Balance – PFD

Heat And Mass Balance – PFD​

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The heat and mass balance model for the boiler system allowed us to run several simulations. We used this to determine whether, with the flow rate and flue gas temperature, it was more energy efficient to preheat the combustion air or the boiler feed water. We were able to determine that more significant savings could be achieved by preheating the feed water. 


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