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Why would you need thermal insulation calculation software?

In the design of thermal processes, multi-layer insulation systems are key to reducing thermal losses, and thickness plays an important role in the success or failure of an insulation system. In order to determine the optimum thickness for a thermal insulation system, it is important to have accurate information on the heat loss and thermal conductivity of various materials.

Enertherm Engineering thermal insulation calculation software is customizable and allows for a wide variety of different combinations of variables (such as wind speed emissivity, shapes, and material selection). This software makes it easy to develop accurate estimates for the thickness of thermal insulation systems.

However, without the right tool, establishing insulation thickness for a particular application can prove to be a challenge. This task is time-consuming and its results are limiting the choice of possible options.

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How can it help?

At EnerTherm Engineering we have developed a simple yet highly effective excel-based software that predicts and calculates the insulation thickness and the type of insulation required for the best performance outcome.

The software is customizable and can be tailored to calculate the thermal insulation for different combinations of variables including wind speed emissivity and shapes. The material selection is also quick and easy with the option to include a variety of materials.

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Support and Installation

Our engineers will ensure that your thermal insulation calculation software installation performs well on-site and will offer as much additional time as you choose to analyse your data so that it makes sense to you.

With a background in statistical analysis and 6 sigma, our team has a thorough understanding of many industrial processes and will get the best out of your data in order to help with process optimisation if needed.


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