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Thermal Engineering And Plant Thermal Design

EnerTherm Engineering has extensive experience in thermal engineering and factory thermal design. Our knowledge is based on experiencing site issues over years of practical hands-on site operation but also seeing the impact of flow and thermal design failures.

We apply rigorous analytical skills when it comes to the thermal design of heat transfer equipment to ensure energy is managed and handled in a way to minimise heat losses and ensure mechanical stress is properly addressed.

Thermal analysis of process factory combined with a good understanding of heat and mass balance is key to achieving optimised energy usage with the design of specialised heat recovery systems.

Thermal Engineering and Plant Thermal Design

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Thermal Shields For Nuclear Waste Oven Treatments​

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EnerTherm Engineering was commissioned to design two thermal shields for nuclear waste oven treatments at the Sellafield nuclear power plant. Our engineers were able to deliver a bespoke design solution that met stringent mechanical and thermal resistance requirements.

The project managed the design, manufacture and shipping of the thermal shields to the site, ensuring that the final product satisfied stress test loading under all operating conditions.


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