Thermal Insulation Software

Thermal Insulation Software Case Study

Thermal Insulation Software Case Study


A supplier of industrial insulation wanted to have a tool to predict and calculate the insulation thickness and type required to give the desired performance.

Microsoft Excel was requested as the platform to be used, it was to allow the user to input a number of insulation layers at the correct type, thickness and orientation. The user then inputs the conditions: temperature, convection, radiation, etc… From this the programme will calculate the temperature profile across the wall and generate a report for multiple cases so that the optimal design can be found.finite difference model

Visual Basic was used to write the programme, a finite difference model was at the core to calculate the thermal profile and give all the needed functionality; a database for material properties, an automatic reporting tool and a User form Wizard guide.

The Heat Wizard and its functionality were built with customer input throughout to create an individual, bespoke tool that suited all their requirements. On any new enquiry or project, this software is the first point of call to ensure the correct insulation type and thicknesses are used to get the best-costed performance.

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Francois Pierrel
Hi, my name is François and I am passionate about solving process engineering problems. Over the years, I have developed a number of process equipment and control systems which have had a significant impact on reducing energy usage, waste and impact on the environment. My business ethos is to always get to the root cause of problems and data analysis and modelling are always at the forefront of any project we undertake.
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