Designing, testing and prototyping using CAE for product optimisation

What We Do

EnerTherm Engineering uses the on-site laboratory in Peterborough to propose a unique R&D service for companies who do not have the facility to do so or do not have adequate resource. Operating to a strict confidentiality agreement, our research is geared towards industry application for roll-out to the global marketplace.

Offering a wide range of services, from rapid prototyping utilising CAE and 3D simulation facilities to complete Virtual Reality immersion which allows the customer to see, touch, and move as if they were in the real world.

Our first de-hydrator Factory Acceptance Test was ran virtually. Design optimisation can quickly be achieved through visualising and touching the final product.


R&D Prototyping Process At EnerTherm Engineering

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The Value Of Our Research

Our technology has been sold to industry leaders across the
globe for the development of new coating solutions.

Our White Papers

Process Optimisation – Design of Experiment

We conducted a series of design experiments with various profiles to evaluate the best way of optimising key KPIs for baking bread. This included the number of cells within the structure, the sidewall of the bread as well as the colour of the crumb and crust.

We evaluated each profile to optimise the key product KPI taking account of energy usage and weight losses.

Thermal Performance Research Oven

This specific oven was built over a six-year programme with the objective of replicating a long travelling oven, commonly used for baking, with a smaller size replicate so that we could perform smaller trials at a lower cost with less labour.

The result of the research is a powerful tool for the baking industry with lots of instrumentation and recordings. This was successfully used to develop lots of different baking products for various customers all around the world and is still being used to this day. It is a powerful tool in the development and optimisation of the baking process whilst reducing energy usage across the industry.