A dehydrator is a thermal processing unit which removes moisture from products processed at a low temperature. It enables the nutrient content of fresh food to be maintained in order to preserve the flavour, quality and vitamin composition of the final product. It also maximizes shelf-life post-production.

EnerTherm Engineering were approached by Inspiral Visionary Products to investigate a production / quality issue in their current dehydrator. Inspiral are a leading producer of healthy, vegan and raw foods.

The original production issue was related to an air flow measurement issue. Measured data was simulated via Computation Fluid Dynamics and our predictive models was able to replicate existing production issues which gave our customer confidence to go ahead with EnerTherm Engineering for a complete re-design.

Measured Data


Simulated Data

A major design constraint was to be able to work within the current building foot print. Large amount of computation work were carried out to ensure uniform flow distribution.

Optimised Design inflow and outflow of the dehydrator chamber.

Once the designed was finalised, we invited our client to carry out a ‘Virtual’ Factory Acceptance Test (‘V’FAT). During this the customer was able to utilise virtual reality to have a full tour in and around the CAD drawing of the newly designed Dehydrator installation. This the customer to actually walk around the installation and visualise the operation and maintenance for the equipment. During this a sensor was highlighted to have been at high level, making maintenance more difficult, leading to the sensor to be repositioned and the FAT was signed off.

Through collaboration with our clients we developed a new dehydrator design which has the capability of controlling the process conditions to achieve consistent quality product, whilst being thermal very efficient and achieving higher throughput by 50%.

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