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Data Logging And Reporting Software Services

Data Logging and Reporting Software

Our engineers have developed several Data Logging and Reporting Software tools based on site experience to better understand the interactions of process variables and their response to end-product.

Our software has the capability of running PLC Data Acquisition services on Allen Bradley and Siemens PLC’s. Equally any sensors can be connected to our software for data logging, trend and reporting purposes.

The data analysis services we provide are key to building knowledge and helping improve product quality or reduce energy consumption without altering the quality of the final output. These tools show simplified and concise data reports for all business layers, from site maintenance to top-level decision makers.

Data Logging and Reporting Software

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Factory Data Logging And Reporting Application​

Factory Data logging and reporting application

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This customer operating in the leather industry came to us to establish a way of capturing effectively machine setting data in one data repository. They were saving data in spreadsheets and in engineering notebooks and struggled to manage multiple formats and often lost precious data.

We have developed an application capable of running on the web browser of any device to allow capturing machines and processing data in real-time.

Data were entered and stored on the company’s server. With data stored safely and backed up regularly, the company was able to rapidly run audits on production trials and generate production reports to senior management.


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